Our Story

A long time ago in a land far, far away, Masambeni founders were once interns too! With wide eyes and high expectations, we were ready to tackle our first project abroad. Several incredible projects later, (and some not-so-pleasant experiences!), we found out that while many of our internship organizations were good at placing interns, many of the internship providers stopped engaging after finding us a program. There was no partnership! Our money spent, internship providers were gone, we were left to figure out a foreign country on our own! We wished we had a community to go out and explore the city, but alas, there was no family! Thus, we created Masambeni.

There was no community and no after-hour activities. There was no family or people! We vowed to change this business model when we created Masambeni. We believe in being your internship partner. With our expert knowledge of Cape Town, we make it more accessible for like-minded students to connect and travel together.

While the internship program is essential, It’s only one aspect of the Masambeni experience. As a smaller company, we embrace our interns to an intimate experience; you are now a part of the Masambeni family. You’ll be networked with other students, connected with accommodation partners, taken on weekly activities, and guided South Africa from a local’s viewpoint. Your Masambeni adventure will be a part of our Masambeni experience.​​​​​​​​​​