Cape Town is the second most popular and vibrant city in South Africa. One of the leading tourist destinations not only in Africa but also around the world. Cape Town is the quintessential melting pot of creativity, color, vibrant sounds, great taste and a fusion of cultures. Its 350 years old, young and ever-growing. While living in Cape Town you will find yourself awestruck by its landscape, social diversity, cultural uniqueness, heritage sitesand its experiences. All blended together, there is no doubt why this beloved city has become a permanent fixture on the global hot spot.

For more than hundreds of years, until the nineteenth century, the Khoisan people lived here in small nomadic groups. After the arrival of the Dutch Cape Town has gone through a transformation from the pre-colonial, Dutch – British -Dutch rule, the infamous Apartheid regime to what it is today, the new South Africa, a thriving democracy. Cape Town, the Mother City has a rich historical background that has much to offer to those who wonder around and are keen to learn about other communities.

Cape Town offers the good taste of life that includes surf, nature, wine, good food, hospitality, art, its Mediterranean warmth, dry summer and mild, moist winters. Cape Town is alive with possibility and opportunities!; Your leisure time will be packed with adventures and unique Cape Town experiences. There are many opportunities to learn, explore and create change through a meaningful Masambeni internship. Three languages you are bound to come across in Cape Town are, ordered by the number of speakers, Afrikaans, Xhosa, and English, although you can easily overhear conversations in several different languages while walking through the neighborhoods.

Masambeni has wide range of activities for you to get involved in. Masambeni will organise one weekly event and this will be included in your once off fee and the activities schedule will be emailed to you. For those who choose to wonder around solo, Cape Town has a wide range activities to choose from. The cultural sphere of the city offers a myriad of art exhibitions, museums, galleries.. For night time lovers, there is a diverse range of vibrant bars and restaurants to revel at, enjoying some of the best authentic South African cuisine.. Cape Town is a nature lover’s mecca and has some of the most awe-inspiring hiking trails, white-sand beaches and famous national parks.