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Best Spot To Go Surfing In Cape Town

Everybody loves Cape Town in summer! The sunshine, waking up by the sound of seagulls, the chilled vibes while partying on the beach until the sun is painting its final masterpiece of orange and red until it drops into the ocean.

It’s so effortless to enjoy summer this side of the world.

But the best time to embark into your Cape Town adventure is actually winter, from July on. Why? Simple. It’s the best place to spend winter around the world.

Nothing compares to the feeling of crawling out of your warm bed, looking at a grey sky and knowing this still is gonna be a happy day.

Winter in Cape Town means calling your mates for a surf session in Muizies or Kommetjie, feeding yourself some nice scrambled eggs, bacon and toast (after all, the protein will be much needed) and then: get into this car, get into that wetsuit and get into those waves for hours.

The water around you and the adrenaline inside of you will actually make you forget that the sky was even grey when the day started.

Long days at the beach are calling for some fish and chips and a nice Castle lager with new friends afterwards, for sure.

Here is our favorite spots to go surfing:

  • Muizenberg
  • Big Bay
  • Llandudno
  • Long Beach
  • Milnerton Lighthouse
  • Scarborough Beach
  • Noordhoek beach
  • Dungeons
  • Glen beach