Why Masambeni?

We were once interns vying for n learnerships and we had no idea what to expect. Several learnerships later, we came to the realization that while many internship programs were great at placing interns, many of them were only good at doing just that. Once our money was spent, the learnership providers disappeared and we were left to figure out how to navigate through a foreign country on our own. There was no sense of community, no after hour activitiesand no sense of family. We developed Masambeni as a way to encourage partnerships while benefiting from internship opportunities, that enhances the experience greatly. . The internship program, while vitally important, is only one aspect of our internship opportunities..

As an intimately sized company, we welcome our interns into an exclusive experience, where you form part of the Masambeni family. You’ll be networked with other interns, connected with housing partners, taken on weekly activities and shown South Africa from a local’s perspective

Securing your place at Masambeni

When you’re ready to commit to Masambeni and your internship in Cape Town, we’ll link you to a secure website where you can make the payment to the program. Our learnerships are personalized to you and there are no set program costs, but the majority of learnerships cost between 500 USD (450 EUR; 6,000ZAR) and 900 USD (800 EUR; 10,500ZAR) to reserve and coordinate.

We highly recommend that you intern with Masambeni and our local partners for a minimum of eight weeks. However, if you are short on time or need special arrangements, let us know when you are filling in your your application and we’ll be happy to coordinate with our partners to see what we can come up with, specifically for you.

Planning your trip to South Africa and Cape Town

Make sure to browse our Cape Town section (LINK) to familiarize yourself with Cape Town and the South Africa culture. Don’t hesitate to email us any questions you might have about South Africa or the program in general. If you’re curious about South African history and culture, use these websites to help acquaint yourself with the region:

  • History
  • Culture
  • Food
  • Average Costs
  • Travel
  • Attractions
  • Nightlife
  • Emergency Information

Once you arrive in Cape Town, we’ll meet you at the airport and transfer you to your accommodation. We understand that the first couple days in a foreign country can be stressful and unfamiliar, so don’t despair! We’ll be with you every step of the way. You’ll be welcomed to our local offices for a quick orientation and an introduction to your internship opportunities.

At Masambeni we organize weekly activities (LINK to activities section) to connect you with other interns participating in the internship program, this is optional and up to your discretion whether or not you would like to attend. Our Masambeni staff members participate in these weekly activities to provide an immersive experience and to showcase their active roles in the Cape Town internship community.

What’s included in the Internship Program

  • Personalized internship program
  • Transportation to and from the airport
  • Housing/Accommodation coordination
  • Masambeni orientation
  • Language classes
  • Weekly recreational activities
  • Visa support

Things not included in the Internship Program

  • Travel insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Accommodation and living expenses
  • Airfare


Moving to a foreign country is a daunting challenge for anyone and finding decent housing is imperative in making it a smooth and easy transition. Through our local partners, we can connect Masambeni interns to discounted student housing. We only use housing partners that cater to students and young professionals. You can be sure that you will be living in a vibrant student community with fellow interns, students, and young professionals. Most of the accommodation comes fully furnished and is specifically suited for short-term Cape Town stays. Our housing accommodation includes student apartments, community housing, hostels and flat dormitories. Let us help ease you settle into Cape Town by connecting you with our Masambeni sponsored accommodation.

What you’ll receive at the end of the Internship Program

After several hard months of being an intern in Cape Town, you’ll want to know what you’ll receive at the end! The greatest benefit you will leave with is the transformative experience itself but we also understand that you live in the real world; future employers and academic institutions want something more tangible! Thus, at the end of the internship program, most interns will receive (3) accolades:

  • A certificate of completion from Masambeni
  • A letter of recommendation from the internship program provider
  • Contacts to future employers (often times full-time job interviews)

*In select cases, some interns can receive academic credit for their educational aspirations.
Many interns use this initial learnership to launch careers into their chosen fields; while others use the Masambeni experience as an exploratory testing period before moving on to other careers; and some return to the city of
Cape Town for full-time employment.