Masambeni organizes weekly activities to help connect you with other interns and young professionals participating in the program. Our Masambeni staff members participate in weekly activities and are very active in the Cape Town internship community.

Working hard is great but we also want you to have the time of your life. We make sure that you can experience new cultures both in your chosen destination and through networking with other program participants who come from all over the world. In each country destination your program includes a wide range of cultural and social events.

You will receive a schedule highlighting the weekly offerings when you arrive in South Africa, but before then, please look below to get an idea of some of the activities we get up to.

Free language classes

Xhosa is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the Western Cape (Xhosa is Nelson Mandela’s first language), the province in South Africa where Cape Town is located. Accordingly, there is a strong likelihood that you will work with Xhosa colleagues at your internship site. The purpose of our Xhosa classes is to teach you basic conversational expressions and greetings that you will be able to use both at work and during your exploration of the city. The Xhosa you will learn in our classes is also a great cultural souvenir that won’t add any additional weight to your suitcase when the time comes for you to return home!