Personal Information

All personal information is strictly confidential. No information shall be passed on to third parties other than internship sites, and transfer is only for the purpose of facilitating an internship placement. It is our top priority to make sure that the information we have about you is protected and secured. We value our relationship with you and are absolutely committed to preserving your privacy.

Cancel The Booking

Program fees are to be paid prior to the starting of the internship. Should you wish to cancel your internship/volunteer experience, the list below will apply on cancellation.

  • Cancellations 60 days or more: full refund less the non-refundable deposit.
  • Cancellations 30 – 59 days: You will forfeit 50% less the non-refundable deposit.
  • Cancellations 8 – 29 days: You will forfeit 75% less the non-refundable deposit.
  • Cancellations 1 – 7 days: no refund.

You shall be solely responsible and liable for paying all costs and expenses related to your living expenses in Cape Town. Our Services and responsibilities are limited to those set out in cost page.

Visas, Health, Passport, Travel Documentation

We are able to offer basic advice regarding passport and visa requirements to Volunteers/Interns, however, we highly recommend that you approach the relevant authority in your country to check the requirements.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the right documentation to gain access into the country (South Africa). Failure to do so, Masambeni holds no liability to you for any loss, cost, or damage you may suffer, nor shall Masambeni refund you any of the cost used in your travel arrangements. Many countries do not issue visas specifically for volunteers where you are not undertaking paid work. When entering as a volunteer/Intern for less than 3 months, you will generally be advised to enter on a tourist visa. Please note that you must check with the relevant embassy prior to travel of the current requirements. If you take paid work without the necessary documentation, you will be arrested and asked to leave the country and in this case, Masambeni will not be able to help or will we be liable for any loss of what so ever.

Masambeni is able to offer advice on mandatory health requirements. However, we are not medical experts!

Interns/Volunteers with existing medical problems, or anyone who has recently visited other countries should check requirements with their general practitioner and the embassy. Where you do not do so or you are not allowed into to enter the country on medical grounds, or suffer personal injury or death as a result, Masambeni will have no liability to you for any cost, loss or damage which you suffer nor will we refund you the cost of any unused portion of your travel arrangements. Masambeni highly recommend that you obtain proper and detailed medical advice at least two months prior to travel for the latest health requirements

Flights & Transfers

It is your responsibility to book and pay for your own flight. Masambeni will not be held liable responsible for any negligence relating to the purchase flight tickets. As part our responsibility, we shall receive and provide you with all your airport shuttles service upon arrival.

Code of Conduct

This code of conduct sets out the standards of behavior that is expected of interns/volunteers, not only by the Company as an intern/volunteer placement organization, but also by the In-Country Coordinators, the homestay families and providers of accommodation and, most importantly, the projects that we work with.

Masambeni is fully committed to responsible volunteer travel and sustainable tourism. This code of conduct is designed to help you achieve the most out of your placement in a safe manner. It also ensures that the organizations and people we work with are treated with respect and that consideration is given to other cultural aspects during your placement.

You Must

  • Listen to, and follow the advice or requests of your program coordinator.

  • Understand that you are a representative of not only the company or organization you working with but also your school and country of origin and act accordingly.

  • Some programe will involve working with children, Masambeni highly recommends that you dress properly.

  • NO smoking in front of kids.

  • Carefully select words that are suitable for kids.

  • Masambeni has a ZERO tolerance policy towards the possession and use of illegal substances. If you are found in possession of, or are under the influence of such substances, you will have your placement contract terminated immediately.

  • South Africa has lots of cultures. Please respect, and seek to understand, the culture of the country you are visiting. This involves being tolerant of the customs and behavior of the local people. Your coordinator can explain the cultural norms and advise you as part of the orientation.

  • Treat all people with respect and dignity; at your internship/volunteer site.

  • Avoid political demonstrations, discussions or any illegal activities; Masambeni will not be able to do much if you get in trouble with law.

  • Keep your program coordinator informed about weekend trips and traveling plans.


Please abide by the rules and customs of the accommodation in which you are staying.

  • Check with the owner of the accommodation before inviting anybody to your room.

  • Be careful of people you invite home. South Africa has a high crime rate.

  • Be aware that overnight visitors are not allowed.

  • Respect the house rules

  • Pay for any damage you may cause to the property and settle any accounts before you leave the country.

  • Stay at the accommodation allocated to you.

  • Be aware that there will be no refunds for accommodation if you decide to go on trips or leave early.

Please note that breaches of the code of conduct may result in your placement being terminated without compensation.