Environmental Internships

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If you are a person willing to sacrifice sleep for the better of the environment, do what it takes to conserve nature and love animals and respect them, then this one is for you. Masambeni has an exciting conservation and animal welfare internship for you.

Environmental internships can offer valuable work experience for students enrolled in environmental and science-related disciplines, which can include biology, geology, chemistry and engineering. This is a fantastic placement with a wide range of situations that you’ll deal with across national parks and wildlife reserves in Cape Town.

Make a long-term sustainable difference in developing communities, while incorporating spiritual well-being, physical health and environmental consciousness. This opportunity will truly immerse you in Cape Town’s local way of life. These learnerships are equally suitable for those with previous experience or qualifications and for those who are brand new to conservation and eagerto learn.

Our environmental internships specialize in the following:

    • Conservation
    • Social Enterprise
    • Community Development
    • Tourism
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