Looking to bolster your understanding of South African, international Human Rights or general law? Masambeni offers exciting law internships in Cape Town. Observe South African legal experts in their day to day activities while learning legal acumen in a professional environment. Placements into firms are tailored according to your desired legal expertise. Interested in private or public practice? Want to work at a non-profit, an NGO/Advocacy group, a refugee centre, or a government institution? Look no further! Masambeni will assist you in revising your resume, before scheduling you with an interview with one of our varied legal partners.

As a law intern, your work may include: law research, clerical support, client meetings, or general case management. We provide varied opportunities in our legal placements, offering a truly unique experience. Our internships are set in a professional working environment that will prepare you to succeed in your post internship goals.

South Africa’s new constitution is a bastion of universal human rights. While the apartheid regime created deep racial divisions within South Africa, the post-apartheid government strives to combat xenophobia, racism, gender inequality, prejudice, and poverty affliction in its communities. Take part in the discourse and more—use your legal internship to take part in the transformation! Masambeni will place you into organizations that are fighting these problems head-on, giving you a chance to truly learn and grow as a legal professional. Click here to apply.

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