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As one of the fastest growing economies in Africa, South Africa has earned its spot in the world’s BRICS nations. Rightly so, an emerging economy is the perfect environment for a business minded person to start his or her private venture. Masambeni’s internship program is a great way to earn this professional experience; not only will our internships give you valuable transferable skills but they are also a great way to meet professionals already working in the field. And perhaps most importantly, Masambeni’s hands-on business internships will help you decide if this is really the right career path for you.

Each entrepreneurship program is designed to suit the individual intern. Educational and professional qualifications, previous work experience, career aspirations and personal preferences are all directly relevant and considered when applying for Masambeni’s entrepreneurship internships. While most of our entrepreneurship programs are in the private sector, Masambeni also works with NGO’s whose aim is to educate young people and women on financial independence via private ownership. With a unique entrepreneurial internship in the heart of developing South Africa, you will leave with an experience that is fantastically transformative and deeply rewarding. Combine your past skills and experiences with a Cape Town internship that will leave you miles ahead of your competition. Click here to apply.

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