Work at a day-care centre for orphaned children (3-4 years of age) that provides nutrition, care and recreational activities. Organize recreational activities for students, such as soccer, netball, basketball, volleyball, music, dance, drama, choir, boy/girl scouts, field trips (to local forests, prisons, and hospitals), farming activities (gathering crops) and horticulture. Provide counselling, tutoring, and recreational activities to primary school children who’ve been orphaned, generally due to HIV/AIDS and youth at severe risk of dropping out of school.

Support a community youth centre’s initiatives aimed at providing families the information and tools they need to avoid and remove themselves from common poverty traps. Participate in educational theatre productions, facilitate group discussions with peer educators, provide counselling and support income-generating activities. Teach a variety of vocational subjects to children and adolescents, such as carpentry, masonry, tailoring and basic construction techniques appropriate to the region.

Get hands-on experience through a customized learnerships in youth, child development and education by working in an orphanage, a clinic, or an eco-tourism foundation. As an intern, you will work with youth and teens in areas where they need the most support, including recreation and in the classroom

Teach core subjects in primary or secondary school students in disadvantaged communities. Teach Mathematics, Business Education, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English, Music, Art and Design, History and Civics, HIV /AIDS Education and geography. English as a Second Language, Humanities Subject, Liberal Arts-Miscellaneous Arts and Sciences.

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