Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational therapy centres provide a variety of medical and developmental diagnoses, including the following: traumatic brain injuries, trauma, oncology, amplified pain, burns, feeding, autism, facial palsy, Trisomy 21, lymphedema and more. Also included are physical treatments, educational and vocational training for parents and counselling.

You’ll explore the stigmas and obstacles faced by individuals within marginalized communities. Although daily tasks will vary greatly, Masambeni interns will assist with the day-to-day care and rehabilitation of patients. Depending on their placement, you may work in children’s hospitals, special education schools or care facilities for those with disabilities. You will also be helping to increase independence and self-worth, while at the same time contributing to reversing negative societal attitudes. You will work with a range of ages from children to the elderly alongside experienced staff. You will assist them and take on responsibilities as your skills and experience allows.

You must be studying or have some experience of speech, occupational and physical therapy or nursing. The ability to show empathy and patience are also highly regarded characteristics in this field.

Successful interns possess cultural sensitivity, self motivation and express an eagerness to learn more about their chosen field.

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