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Public health internships are the best way to bridge the gap between going to school and landing a great position to build your illustrious career. As an intern in public health, you could work for large national organizations such as the Red Cross, international groups like the World Health Organization or local programs administered by our city of Cape Town.

Are you looking for an opportunity to train and gain experience in public health or medicine? Do you have an educational background in health services? Then Masambeni’s public health is the one for you. Cape Town is rich in opportunities for interns and volunteers who seek knowledge while giving back to the communities. We encourage you to use experiential opportunities to gain exposure to the public health arena in Cape Town. As a medical or public health intern with Masambeni, you will be working alongside qualified healthcare professionals at one of Cape Town’s public health projects or community medical clinics.

Masambeni offers the opportunity to serve in ethnically and culturally diverse communities all year-round. Many serious challenges are being faced by healthcare system in South Africa which include: obesity, smoking, diabetes, high rates of HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis. Since public health is a vast field, involving everything from treating the disease to teaching the public about healthy lifestyles; you should find plenty of opportunities in public health that will match your career aspirations.

Our Public Health learnerships might involve working with public health advisers, working with school education groups to promote healthy lifestyles, within hospitals or health centres. There are also opportunities to carry out public health policy-related internships in Cape Town. Placements are flexible in hours, with real life experience in all aspects and the opportunity to develop relationships with professionals in the field. We hope the overall experience will give you first-hand experience and a better understanding of the public healthcare system of South Africa.

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