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Are you considering a career in real estate management? If so, you have come to the right place! If you desire to enter this challenging field, you must be willing to learn quickly. You will learn the fundamentals of acting professionally with lenders, communicating details effectively to all interested parties while maintaining your focus on the profit margin of the firm.

The real estate industry is large and dynamic. It involves working with other several trades, from law, finance, marketing, insurance and more. It is the sale of land and any improvements on the land, such as a home. And for any recent college graduate to succeed in real estate business, you will need both time and experience. An Internship in Cape Town is the first building block for the much-needed experience that future employers are looking for.

Masambeni’s real estate Cape Town internship gives budding professionals hands-on experience with a chance to work with incredible leaders in the industry and the opportunity to improve networking skills. As an intern you will gain invaluable experience while working with emerging neighbourhoods in Cape Town’s booming economy.

The Cape Town internships are designed with a focus on investment property, property management, brokerage and private equity. Interns will learn about the real estate investment process, day-to-day business functions and decision making of the organization as well as interfacing with all levels of management. You will gain important work experience and skills such as canvassing leads, phone-work and familiarity with real estate documentation.

International experience on your C.V will show your ambitition, ingenuity and self-confidence to your future employer. Gaining experience in these areas through learnerships abroad will not only make you a more competitive real estate agent when it comes to job searches, it will also make you an irreplaceable member of any team.

Your daily tasks will be dependant on the company you will be placed with. They will range from, performing market research for potential business opportunities, Analyzing financial reports and entering relevant data into Stonebridge Companies’ valuation model using Microsoft Excel. You will also assist in the preparation of deliverables to lenders, investors and internal parties.

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